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Believers Part 3: Legalism

Our grammar lesson today will be looking into the word¬†legalism. I want to briefly intro our lesson today with the topic of grace. Legalism and grace can look very similar and on account of this the subject of God’s grace has become one of the most undermined subjects in the church. For the majority of…

The Evidence of Eternal Rewards

As many of these posts will show, I have very intriguing and challenging questions that come up during my classes sometimes. Many times I will have opposition from a student on a topic that I have never been strongly challenged on before. One such incident occurred this week and it stirred me to write down…

The Stare

While I was teaching today I was gripped afresh by the power of our gaze. For many years now I have asked the Lord through prayer and study to be one of wisdom in this hour. I desire to be a Daniel 11:33 man in the midst of humanity in the coming days. This verse…