Weakness is not Weakness

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Here in about 45 mins I will be walking in to teach the final class for our Onething Internship (ihopkc.org/onethinginternship). They will graduate on Sunday and many of them will be leaving to go back to their hometowns where old lifestyles and familiar faces await. Knowing this, I can’t help but want to call them higher into their identity and try to help them better understand who they are as those that are hidden in Christ Jesus. So today I am going to do just that and I want them to understand that living in a manner worthy of being an heir of Christ is not complicated. It is hard, but not complicated. You don’t have to have all the arguments and answers figured out before you can truly¬†live as a believer. In fact, you don’t even need to know about any of those arguments. The simplicity is almost offensive. Love God, Love your neighbor, and do works that reveal and express your love.

There is so much power in our weak attempts to live the Kingdom based lifestyle. When we strive for this it takes on the form of love and it is here where it’s foundation is established and matures. Loving God is generated through acts of obedience that are performed as a response to His infinite level of affection that He has for you. Those who have experienced the saving power of salvation but have not taken the next steps to pursue wholehearted obedience to God will find that only misery awaits. They have received enough to feel the conviction of sin but not gone far enough to experience the liberating pleasure that only a wholehearted lover of God can experience. Love invokes a response and this response is no more clearly seen than in the weak pursuit of a believer that embraces the call of God and allows the grace of God to be perfected within them.

Author: Brandon Hammonds

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